[E]ven Torisen could feel the power behind her words. She was after all not only the Ardeth Matriarch but the leader of the Matriarchs' Council, and her voice that of the Women's World.
Torisen's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter I: Naming the Dead"

Lady Adiraina is the Ardeth Matriarch, and Adric's cousin. She was sister-kin to Kinzi.


Adiraina's mother died when she was young. In her adolescence, Adiraina touched her mother's death-banner, and went blind, though she gained her blood-sight.[2][3]

As young girls in the Women's Halls of Gothregor, Adiraina became sister-kin with Kinzi of Knorth. When they were older, they were separated for many years, each serving as consorts. They both went on to become matriarchs of their houses, and then they were together in the Women's Halls again, until the Knorth Massacre.[4]

After the Knorth Massacre, Adiraina alone knew Tieri had survived. Adiraina hid Tieri in the Moon Garden for the next 12 years. She told no one, not even the other matriarchs, for fear that if the assassins knew she had lived, the would return. Years later, Adiraina wondered if part of the secrecy had actually come from her wanting to punish the girl for surviving with Kinzi had died. Adiraina finally told the the Council of Matriarchs about Tieri after died bearing her son Kindrie.[5][6]


Like all lords and matriarchs, Adiraina is Shanir with the power to bind Kencyr to her.

Adiraina went blind in her adolescence,[2] when she developed her Shanir gift of blood-sight, which allows her to sense blood-lines, going far back.[1] That happened after she touched her mother's death-banner. Blood is woven into death-banners, and after that, she only ever saw what blood shows her.[3] Because of her blindness, Adiraina wears a mask with eyes embroidered on it.[2]


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