For all his drug-enhanced strength, she could sense how fragile Ardeth was, how deep into his resources he was reaching. For her brother, loyalty—yes, even love—must be at war with resentment.
Jame's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter II: Wyrm Hunt", I

Adric, Lord Ardeth of Omiroth, is the current head of the Ardeth. He was Torisen's mentor and is a Knorth ally. However, at many points in time, he attempts to manipulate and spy on Torisen.


In his youth, Adric was a diplomat. During this time, he developed a taste for the drugs of the Central Lands, and earned a singer's right to the Lawful Lie.[1][4]

During the Battle of the White Hills, Adric lost all his sons but all his very youngest, Pereden.[5]

During the 31 years without a Highlord, after Ganth's exile, Adric was one of the forces that held the Kencyrath together, and got the Ardeth through it.[6]

When Torisen came to the Riverland at 15, he confided in Adric. Adric protected him, sending him to join the Southern Host as an Ardeth, and assining Burr to him as his servant.[7] Burr reported to Adric during this time, delivering him reports of Torisen.

With all his other sons dead, Adric put all his hope in Pereden, and was devastated when he was killed. After that, Adric put his hope in his grandson Timmon, Pereden's son. He also goes south, where he searches for Pereden's body, all in vain, for it was already burnt.

In his old age, Adric resorted to his drugs for strength.[8] In Honor's Paradox, his mind starts to go,[9] and at the Lordan's Presentation, he calls Torisen "Ganth" when he first sees him.


Like all lords and matriarchs, Adric is Shanir with the power to bind Kencyr to him. He can also form bonds with animals, and had a bond with Brithany, his Whinno-hir mare. He has the white hair of a classic Shanir, although he's now old enough that age would've whitened his hair anyways.[2]


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