She has the oddest attitude toward the whole thing—not glad it happened, mind you, but interested in what will happen next. A strange woman, that, and rapidly getting stranger.
Harn, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 16: Blood Rites"

Ashe is a Kendar singer, a scrollswoman, and was a randon before injury forced her retirement.


Ashe was a randon once.[3] She was friends with Harn as cadets, and they then served together in the Southern Host. Ashe was an elite randon and a one-hundred commander. She frequently guarded Harn's back when he had berserker rages. After she got hit with an axe in the knee, Ashe refused to see a healer, and her military career ended.[2][3]

After that, Ashe became a singer and scrollswoman of Mount Alban, and studied the Ka'sa dialect of the Waster language, among other things.[4]

When Torisen and the Northern Host rode south to meet the Waster Horde, Ashe went with them, to write a song about it.[5] As they passed through the White Hills, Ashe was killed by haunts and became a haunt herself, although nobody noticed until the Battle of the Cataracts.

She continued her career as scrollswoman and singer despite her status. She provided the hiding place for Jame to leave the Ivory Knife and Book Bound in Pale Leather under Bane's guard and sees her task as testing Jame as a possible Tyr-ridan.

Subsequently, Ashe sings before the cadets in Tentir.[6][7]


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