About the only thing Jame had to be thankful for during that endless dinner had been Lord Brandan's consideration. Not that he had ever spoken to her directly—that would have been the height of bad manners—but his remarks to the others had shown a respect for her feelings quite startling in that context.
Jame's narration, Seeker's Mask,
"Part III: The Riverland", II

Brant, Lord Brandan of Falkirr, is the current head of the Brandan. He is Brenwyr's brother. His nephew Boden is his heir and lordan.

He is known for being a good, responsible lord—Adric[2] and Torisen both think so.[3] Jame thought he was very courteous, when she met Brant, all the other lords, after the Battle of the Cataracts.

Brant works alongside his Kendar, in the fields and Southern Host. His skin is very weathered because of this.[4]


Assuming Brant and Brenwyr are full siblings (they could be half-siblings) Brant's mother died when he was young. Brenwyr was 6, and she borrowed his clothes and dressed up in them. Their mother caught her, and was angry. Brenwyr, angry in return, said, "I hope you break your neck," and their mother did.[5]

Brant was a randon cadet along with Ganth when they were young. He returned to Tentir afterward to complete his training, where he presumably earned his randon collar.[1]

Brant and his sister are very close, and she names him as the only four people she has ever loved.[6] Brant once planed to pay the ridiculously high price Ganth asked for Aerulan's contract in perpetuity for Brenwyr's sake, though the Knorth Massacre cut that plan short. Brant says, "I do whatever I can for her, within reason and beyond."[7] He is one of the few people who is relatively immune to Brenwyr's curses, and can stop her in the midst of a flare.[8]


Like all lords and matriarchs, Brant is Shanir with the power to bind Kencyr to him.


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