Brenwyr is strong. I taught her to be.
Adiraina, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter II: A Dance in the Dark", I

Lady Brenwyr is the Brandan Matriarch, and Brant's sister. She was sister-kin to Aerulan before her death in the Knorth Massacre. Brenwyr is a Shanir maledight—someone whose words can be killing curses. She is known as the Iron Matriarch due to her self-control.


Brenwyr was born of a match arranged by Adiraina and Kinzi. She is Kinzi's granddaughter, and her quarter Knorth blood is where her berserker trait comes from.[5][6]

When Brenwyr was 6, she borrowed her brother's clothes and dressed up in them. Her mother caught her, and was angry. Brenwyr, angry in return, said, "I hope you break your neck," and her mother did.[7]

After her mother's death, Adiraina took Brenwyr under her wing, raising and training her, teaching her to be strong and control her Shanir powers.[8][4]

In her youth in the Women's Halls of Gothregor, Brenwyr became sister-kin with a Knorth girl, Aerulan. Aerulan always told her that her mother's death hadn't been Brenwyr's fault, and this gave Brenwyr strength to control her Shanir powers.

Brenwyr and her brother Brant are very close, and she names him—along with her mother, Adiraina, and Aerulan—as the only four people she has ever loved.[9] Brant once planed to pay the ridiculously high price Ganth asked for Aerulan's contract in perpetuity for Brenwyr's sake. That same year, however, was the Knorth Massacre, and Aerulan was killed.

As an adult, Brenwyr became the Brandan matriarch. She has 4 sons, one of whom is likely Boden, Brant's nephew and heir. Given that Brant spends much of the year in the south with their Kendar, she often manages the Brandan keep for him.[10]


Like all lords and matriarchs, Brenwyr is Shanir with the power to bind Kencyr to her. Brenwyr is a powerful Shanir, aligned with That-Which-Destroys, and a berserker and maledight as well.


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