Teak brown from the southern sun, short cropped hair the smoldering red of mahogany, Brier Iron-thorn had come to Tentir by a long, hard road. She was older than most cadets, more experienced, and mistrusted by them for her sudden change of houses at the Cataracts. Before that, no one had believed that such a thing was possible. Not from the Caineron. Not against the will of its lord. But here she was, even more an outsider than Rue. If anyone could show these smug Riverlanders a thing or two, it was Rose Iron-thorn's hard, handsome daughter.
Rue's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter I: An Unfortunate Arrival"

Brier Iron-thorn, daughter of Rose Iron-thorn is a Knorth randon cadet at Tentir. She is the five-command of Jame's ten-command, tall, competent from growing up among the Southern Host.

Jame regards Brier, like Marc almost as part of her conscience — if either disapproves of her actions, she knows she's got it wrong.


Brier is handsome, with dark, teak skin, mahogany-red hair, and cool green eyes.[5] Also, like most Kendar, she is very strong, knocking out one of Jame's teeth during Tentir testing.


Rose Iron-born's daughter Brier was born in Kothifir. She was born a Caineron yondri, as her family had been for generations.[6] She is a descendant (great-granddaughter) of Marc of Kithorn, who was a Caineron yondri for many years.[7]

When Brier was five or six, the Southern Host marched on Urakarn, and Rose died.[8]

Brier grew up among the Southern Host, and fought with the Host against the Waster Horde, witnessing Pereden's fall. She broke her ancestral binding to the Caineron Lord Caldane and accepted a binding to Highlord Torisen after the Battle of the Cataracts, thought it meant leaving her lover Amberley. As a Knorth, Brier went to Tentir, and was made the Five of Jame's ten-command, though she was formerly a ten-commander. After their year after the college, the ten-command was assigned to Kothifir. In Kothifir, Amberley attacked Brier in a game of kouri, and Brier's injury gained her much support among the Knorth.[9]


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