Every time the Three People had been forced to retreat to a new threshold world, the temples had simply been there, waiting for them. Because all the temples on all the worlds bore the same architectural signature, as it were, scrollsmen suggested that their god had bound or at least commissioned a fourth people and sent them ahead to prepare the way. For lack of a proper name, these hypothetical folk were simply called the Builders. Their work was certainly impressive, but also unnerving, at least to Kencyr.
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 2: The Hell Hunt"

The Builders were the mysterious fourth race of the Kencyrath, sent ahead to prepare each threshold world in turn so that when the previous world had to be abandoned, important things such as the Kencyr temples were ready for use.

They perished on Rathillien, when the Builders decided to use the Anarchies as a base; this disturbed the world's native powers, which destroyed the Builders with their task unfinished.[1]

The Builders did not construct everything on Rathillien themselves; they enlisted local help, in the form of the Grindark tribesmen. They offered them rewards and knowledge in exchange for help.[2]

Against the native power of the Anarchies, the Chief Builder had a talisman or device; the object known to the Kencyrath as the Kenthiar, but known to the Grindarks as the Men-thari. It was supposed to be a parting payment to the Grindarks along with the Anarchies themselves and the city the Builders constructed there.[2]

One day the Grindarks found the Builders all gone, with the work unfinished. The Men-thari, the Kenthiar, was lying where the Chief Builder left it the night before.[3] The Grindarks thought to take it, but instead it cut the head off the first Grindark to put it on.

Jame finds the city in the Anarchies in Dark of the Moon and a skeleton of a Builder; she speculates that the rathorns may have used the power of the imu circle to scream the city to pieces, with the builders still in it.[4]

The Builders appear to be short in stature (barely to Jame's waist), with long-fingered hands and large eye sockets.


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