Burr is Torisen's Kendar manservant, bound to him, with him for 16 years but who previously reported to Adric, Lord of Ardeth. It deeply annoys Burr that Torisen generally refuses to dress appropriately to his rank. At several points, he forces Torisen to wear fancy clothes, which are subsequently destroyed through a series of accidents. He seems to eventually give up this pursuit except in what he deems the direst situations.


Burr was born a Ardeth Kendar. When Torisen first came to the Riverland, Adric assigned Burr to him as his servant.[2] He spied on Torisen for Adric, and reported to him.

Burr served under Torisen at the Battle of Urakarn, in the vanguard.[3] Burr escaped, with Torisen, Harn, Rowan, and Rose Iron-thorn. They fled into the Wastes, into the Great Salt Sea, there Rose died in sink-sand, and then saved them.

After Urakarn, Burr broke with Adric, and Torisen bound him.[4]


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