The Silver was the frontier between those two giants of the Central Lands, Bashti and Hathir. At the height of their power, a thousand years ago, they had built rival fortresses up the length of the river from the Cataracts to Kithorn.
Jame's narration, Seeker's Mask,
"Part III: The Riverland", I

The Central Lands are—broadly speaking—the lands west of the Ebonbane, north of the Escarpment, and—in most definitions—south of the Snowthorns. This means Bashti and Hathir, the Weald, sometimes Karkinor, and sometimes the Riverland.

More commonly, however, the term refers solely to the ancient kingdoms of Bashti and Hathir, which have decayed into a confusing conglomeration of seven minor kingdoms, ruled by the Seven Kings. Nowadays, they are known for their so-called "poison courts",[2][1] and their drugs.[3] They hire large numbers of Kencyr mercenaries as well.[4]

When the term "the Central Lands" is used with that more specific meaning, the terms "the Northern Lands"[5] and "the Southern Lands"[6] are sometimes used for the regions north and south of Bashti and Hathir for clarity.


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