I wasn't fooling yesterday when I said what [Torisen's] death would mean to the Kencyrath. Here in particular, the Randir are only waiting to gobble us up. How we few Danior have lasted so long against them is beyond me,
Holly, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter XIV: In Sodden Fields", III

The Danior are one of the lesser of the major Kencyr houses. Their keep sits directly across from Wilden. They are the smallest[5] and poorest[6] house in the Riverland.

Inter-house relationshipsEdit

Danior and EdirrEdit

Both in the High Council chamber at Gothregor, and in the hall at Tentir, the Randir, Coman, and Caieron are on one wall; Jaran, Knorth, and Ardeth on one; and Danior, Edirr, and Brandan on one. This layout is said to group allies.[7] Within this trio, Brandan is the biggest and most powerful of the three. They are also the only grouping with only one "large" house, which suggests they may be less internal power struggles within this alliance, in contrast with the Randir-Caineron and Knorth-Ardeth alliances.


The Danior are the smallest and poorest house, but they are the only house related to the Knorth, and thereby receive protection from their more powerful cousins.[8]


The Danior have long had stressful relations with the much larger and much more powerful Randir, their neighbors across the river, who would like to take them over.[9]


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