It's still the dark of the moon. When Tori and I were children, we used to stay awake whole nights sometimes watching for the crescent to reappear. Our old tutor Anar told us that if ever it didn't, that would mean Perimal Darkling had swallowed the moon and all the stars would follow one by one.
Jame, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 14: Gathering Forces"

Dark of the Moon is the second book in P. C. Hodgell's Kencyr series.

It follows two parallel storylines, which converge at the end of the novel. One thread follows Jame and Marc as they jourey through the Ebonbane mountains, attempting to reach the Riverland, the home of the Kencyrath on Rathillien.

The second storyline follows Tori, who must marshal the Kencyr Host to address a grave threat far to the south.

As Jame's quest in this novel is to reunite with her brother, the convergence of the two plotlines, which occurs at the battle of the Cataracts, provides closure for both story arcs.

Publishing HistoryEdit

This novel was published by Berkley by an arrangement with the MacMillan Publishing Company.

Argo edition published in 1985

Berkley edition published February 1987


To my father, Robert O. Hodgel
the consummate artist.

P. C. Hodgell, Dark of the Moon,


  • Principal Characters Past and Present
  • Prologue: The Story So Far
  • Chapter 1: Fire and Ice (The Ebonbane: 7th of Winter)
  • Chapter 2: The Hell Hunt (Tagmeth and Kithorn: 6th-7th of Winter)
  • Chapter 3: Old Friends, Old Enemies (Peshtar: 7th-8th of Winter)
  • Chapter 4: First Blood (Tentir: 7th-8th of Winter)
  • Chapter 5: Under Green Leaves (The Anarchies: 8th-11th of Winter)
  • Chapter 6: The High Council (Gothregor: 8th-10th of Winter)
  • Chapter 7: A Rage of Rathorns (The Anarchies: 11th-12th of Winter)
  • Chapter 8: Interlude with Jewel-Jaws (Wyrden: 12th of Winter)
  • Chapter 9: The Haunted Palace (Karkinaroth: 14th of Winter)
  • Chapter 10: The Lurking Past (The White Hills: 14th-16th of Winter)
  • Chapter 11: Into Shadows (Perimal Darkling: 14th-21st of Winter)
  • Chapter 12: Night Pieces (The River Road: 17th-24th of Winter)
  • Chapter 13: Converging Paths (The River Road, Perimal Darkling, Karkinaroth: 24th-26th of Winter)
  • Chapter 14: Gathering Forces (Hurlen: 29th of Winter)
  • Chapter 15: The Killing Ground (The Cataracts: 30th of Winter)
  • Chapter 16: Blood Rites (The Cataracts: 30th of Winter)
  • Epilogue: Moon Rise (The Lower Hurdles: 31st of Winter)
  • Appendix I: The High Council
  • Appendix II: The Master's Generation
  • Maps



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