Eastern Lands
How near the Ebonbane seemed now that night had fallen. The range loomed over her, an immense presence filling half the sky, blotting out the stars.
Jame's narration, God Stalk, Book I: Tatters of Dusk, "Chapter 1: Out of the Haunted Lands"

The Ebonbane are a very large north-south mountain range separating the Eastern Lands from the Central Lands of Rathillien.[1][2] The only known pass through the mountains is the Blue Pass,[3] between Mount Tinnabin and Mount Timor, near Tai-tastigon. In the north, the mountains join the Snowthorns,[4] and in the south, they stretch down the Mildarien Peninsula.[3] The Anarchies are foothills of the Ebonbane.[5] The Ebonbane is not part of the mountains of Nekrien.

There are evergreen forests in the Ebonbane,[6] though much of the mountains lie above timberline.[7]


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