Gerridon, the Master of Knorth, who had betrayed all for this meager, immortal life. So many death banners, rank on rank… he had devoured the souls of all his followers, one by one, to come to this. His hall, Perimal Darkling itself, surrounded him like the belly of a beast that has swallowed everything, even itself, and still hungers for more.
Jame's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter IV: In the Moon Garden", I

Gerridon is the Master of Knorth and the former Highlord and Lord Knorth. His fear of death led him to deal with Perimal Darkling, and his treachery caused the Fall. He wanted immortality on his own term, though, not from the shadows, as the Changers got it.[2]

His consort and twin sister was Jamethiel Dream-Weaver; he is thus the uncle of her children, Jame and Torisen. Only the Arrin-ken and perhaps Jame know he is Kindrie's contracted father.

Gerridon is missing his left hand, thanks to Jame;[3] she panicked when he tried to draw her into the beribboned marriage bed, and slashed at him with the knife Terribend had given her, "again and again".[4] He wears a silver glove to disguise the missing part;[5] it is hollow.[4]


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