Gothregor is the Riverland keep of the Knorth. Gothregor is also the location of the Women's Halls. It's on the eastern bank of the Silver, in the southern half of the Riverland.



In the two Riverland maps, the keep appears to be on a hill, giving the keep the high ground should it be be attacked. There is a barbican, or towered gateway, lower on the hill.

Ghost WalksEdit

Gothregor is surrounded by massive outer walls. These walls are divided into sections by the gates. The stretch from the North Gate to the East Gate is known as the Ghost Walks. They hold apartments for the Knorth Highborn.[1] As the Knorth numbers dwindled, they withdrew into the drum tower in the corner. At the time of the Knorth Massacre, all the Knorth women lived in that tower.[2] The Moon Garden is built onto the wall of the Ghost Walks.


The western segment of the outer wall hold the garrison's lodgings and domestic offices.[3][4]

Inner wardEdit

Inside the outer walls, the keep is split in half. The front half is the inner ward, a large open space.[4]

Women's HallsEdit

Main article: Women's Halls

Inside the outer walls, the keep is split in half. The back half is the Women's Halls.[4] The Women's Halls are built in a U shape around the Forecourt, a courtyard at the center of Gothregor.[5]

Old keepEdit

Boarding the Forecourt on the other side is the old Knorth keep.[5] It's at the very heart of Gothregor, and built on the ruins of an ancient Merikit hill fort, even older than the Hathiri fortress which most of Gothregor was built on.[6] Between the two front towers of the old keep is a swinging catwalk.[7] The old keep houses the most important rooms of Gothregor: the death banner hall, a judgement hall, the High Council chamber, and the Highlord's personal study.

The keep had the same general outline as the larger fortress—rectangular with a drum tower at each corner. Its first floor was windowless and dark. Here the lord of Knorth dispensed domestic justice under flaring torches and the stern death banners of his family. The second floor—brighter, more richly appointed—also was a hall of judgment, but for disputes between other houses. The third floor, as usual, took Torisen's breath away as he stepped out of the spiral stair in the corner. All four walls between their stone arches were stained glass. Here the High Council met, under the emblems of all nine major houses blazing with light, three by three by three. On the fourth wall facing east was a map of Rathillien in colored glass,
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 6: The High Council"



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