Graykin is Jame's servant and Caldane's bastard son by a Southron woman in Karkinaroth. Jame accidentally binds him to her in Dark of the Moon, and they thereafter have somewhat of a mental connection. This connection leads Jame to Restormir when he is being tortured by Caldane.

He was previously Lyra's servant.

He was given no birth-name and was known in Caineron service as Gricki, very close to a slang term for excrement in both Easternese and Southron. Jame calls him 'Graykin' the first time they meet, after a dog in an old song, who had been faithful and, in a way, a hero.[3] He has sharp, thin features, and "his age was hard to guess,"[4] though in Dark of the Moon, it's said that Caldane visited Karkinaroth about 20 years ago, making Graykin about that age.[1][2]


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