Greshan, dubbed Greed-heart,[1] was the Knorth Lordan, son of Gerraint, elder brother of Ganth.

Greshan's decadence also included homosexual pedophilia. Greshan's tooled copper bathtub, discovered in his Tentir quarters, was engraved with a "a frieze of naked boys, some wrestling, others otherwise employed". Mint reports that in it Greshan "enjoyed playing 'little fishies' with the scullery lads."[3] There are also suggestions that he indulged in similar perversions with his unwilling younger brother, Ganth. In a comment made in her Livejournal, PC Hogell reveals that this Part of Greshan's character was modeled upon that of the Roman Emporer Tiberius, as revealed in I, Claudius[4]


Greshan was born the son of Gerraint Highlord and his consort Telarien. As the long-desired son of the Highlord, and with the Knorth being a dwindling house with not enough sons, he often got what he wanted merely because people were grateful for his existence.[5]

Rawneth courted Greshan, wanting the next Highlord to be half Randir. His grandmother Kinzi saw Rawneth's ambitions, disagreed with them, and forbid the match. Furious, Greshan branded the Whinno-hir Bel-tairi, Kinzi's mount, in revenge.

Greshan attended Tentir, as Knorth lordan traditionally do. There, he was friends with Roane, Rawneth's cousin, whom she introduced him to.[6]

Greshan fathered a child on a Kendar girl, who went on to become Vant's mother.[7][8]

Greshan's death is attributed to a challenge which all Knorth Lordan face from the college before being permitted to graduate. Injured in a "hunting accident" while the Randon Council attempted to track and kill Bel-tairi at Gerraint's command, he was smothered with the Lordan's Coat by Harn Grip-Hard as he lay in his quarters, not yet dead from his wounds.

Greshan was cherished by Gerraint, who was unable to reconcile himself to his son's death. Greshan's body lay unburnt on a bier in the Death-Banner Hall at Gothregor for five days after his death. Gerraint eventually damned himself by making a contract for his daughter Tieri to be consort to Gerridon in exchange for Greshan being raised from the dead, which he was in the form of a haunt, only to perish again in a fire kindled in the hall by the use of a pyric rune. Nonetheless, his corrupt soul remained bound by his blood, shed on the Lordan's Coat, until this was burned in turn by Jame some forty years later.


Greshan was, as all lordan must be, a Shanir able to bind Kencyr to him. He was also a blood-binder.


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