Of courtiers? Now, that's a word to spit at. I'm a poet, friend. A poet!
Grimly, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 2: The Hell Hunt"

Grimly is a Wolver who is Torisen's friend. He is from the Grimly Holt pack.


Grimly was born in Grimly Holt in the Weald. On day, when he was a pup, King Kruin of Kothifir came to the Weald to hunt wolvers. A poet came with him, to sing for the king. Grimly heard the poet singing Rendish verse, and was enchanted. Kruin set off into the Deep Weald. Grimly's pack eventually offered to lead him back out. In return, Kruin offered a place at court for any wolver who wanted it, though none agreed, assuming that "place" would be as a pelt.[2][1]

When Grimly was of age, he went south to Kothifir. He studied Rendish verse under the very poet he had first heard sing in the Weald. However, he was never very good at it, and when he was presented at court, people only laughed. He began to drink and clown, and at court, he had a persona as "The Wildman of the Woods."[2][1]


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