Index is a bit eccentric, even for a scrollsman. Most of us here have at least two jobs: one manual and one academic. He tends the herb shed and does research on the Merikit. It's been nearly eighty years, though, since the north was closed to us after the Kithorn massacre. A scrollsman without an active field is like a snake without a tail. So Index started collecting facts about facts—where to find them, who knows what, that sort of thing. It's made him invaluable, and powerful. A word of warning: many scholars exchange information on a barter basis. Index may look as if he's answering questions indiscriminately, but he's keeping close track of debts and credits.
Kirien, Seeker's Mask,
"Part V: Mount Alban", III

Index is an old scrollsman. He is an expert on the Merikit and (hence the name) serves as a human index to the knowledge held in Mount Alban.

Although it had not been revealed in the novels yet, Index is a Caineron Highborn, who like the horse-master of Tentir, has been employed in his position for so long he has all but forgotten his house affiation. He is considered a crank by the other scrollmen, partly due to his inability to engage in primary research. He maintains his mental index through an association index using Mount Alben's Herb Shed. One piece of that index is "tansy tea, Gerridon's knee." Which is an abortificant being cross-referenced with Gerridon, who, as far as the scrollmen knew, was infertile.


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