He pressed something cold into her hand. A knife. It was all white and all of a piece, hilt and blade, as if hewn from a single bone. Its pommel was carved with the faces of three women, or perhaps of one woman at three different ages: maiden, lady, hag. It didn't warm to Jame's touch.
Jame's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 13: Converging Paths"

The Ivory Knife is one of three Objects of Power possessed by the Kencyrath, that were lost during the Fall, when Glendar left them with Gerridon.[1][2]

The Knife is associated specifically Regonereth, the aspect of destruction. Since Jame is Nemesis, the avatar of Regonereth and one of the Tyr-ridan, the Knife has an affinity for her.

The Knife itself is described in Seeker's Mask by Kirien as being approximately twelve inches long and double-edged, and appearing carved out of one piece of ivory for blade, guard and pommel (the material for the grip is not specified). The Knife is noticeably cold to the touch. The Ivory Knife's blade kills everything and anything it cuts, no matter how minutely; it is described traditionally as "the very tooth of death".[3] When the Knife falls to the ground, the grass and plants around it begin to die.[4] It rots inanimate objects it touches, like fabric and floors.[5][6]

On the pommel are carved the three faces of Regonereth (Maiden, Lady and Hag). The face of the Maiden seems to be Jame's own,[7] just as the faces of the Lady and the Hag, respectively, appear to be those of Jamethiel Dream-weaver[8] and Brenwyr.[9] All are Shanir aligned with the Third Face of God, and potential incarnations of Regonereth.

Jame is capable of seeing out of the eyes of the Maiden face on the pommel, but has no control over it.[10]


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