This article is about Jamethiel Dream-Weaver, the Mistress. For Jamethiel Priest's-Bane, the protagonist of the novels, see Jame.

Gliding toward her like a sleepwalker was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, […] The woman's eyes were a cool, almost inhuman silver, but their pupils plunged down, down beneath the dreaming face. In their depths, on the edge of black chaos, a white figure danced on and on desperately, as if afraid to stop.
Jame's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 1: Fire and Ice"

Jamethiel Dream-Weaver was the consort and twin sister of Gerridon, the Master of Knorth and the architect of the Fall.


Jamethiel was born on the world before Rathillien, the daughter of Cethron Highlord and his consort Periel. They were blood-kin, bred together by the matriarchs in hopes of producing the Tyr-ridan.[5] And they could have been, if there had been a third to balance them.[6]

Jamethiel and Gerridon were in turn bred together by the matriarchs, but they had no children.[5]

Instead, they produced the Fall: when Gerridon fell, he enlisted Jamethiel to help him, asking her to dance out the souls of the faithful. She obeyed him despite the wrongness of her act (Honor's Paradox), but maintained her honor because of her ignorance of her deeds.

Jamethiel had a sister-kin, a Knorth Shanir girl, and she tore out her eyes during the Fall, because she could not bear to see what Jamethiel had done.[7]

Jamethiel lived mostly an oblivious existence since the Fall, living in the past of the Master's House. When she came forward in time it was only as the twisted woman she had become, reaping souls with a touch as if in a dream. She would retrieve Gerridon's Changers, most of whom's souls, if they were still in possession of them, were so twisted that they resisted even her touch.

She was the mother of Jame and Torisen with Ganth Gray Lord. She came out of the Haunted Lands, and he took her as his consort. She never spoke, and everyone thought her mute. However at night, she would sing her children the ancient songs of Shanir.[8][9] She gave birth to them and disappeared soon after, when she could no longer touch her children.[10] After she left, most of those at the Keep only half-remembered her, like a dream.[11]

At the end of Dark of the Moon, Jame stopped her from reaping Tirandys' soul; she could not reap Jame's soul without realizing the evil she did, and chose instead to stop the Great Dance and fall into the void it had created, seemingly leading to her death.


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