She crouched and gathered Jorin into a warm, furry hug, an anchor in a reeling world. The ounce licked her cheek with a rough, anxious tongue, then stuck his wet nose into her ear.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter XIX: A Walk into Shadows", I

Jorin is a Royal Gold hunting ounce who is bound to Jame. Jorin was born blind but can see through Jame's eyes. Jame can sometimes sense through Jorin's senses as well.

The idea that Jorin is like a child to Jame is used multiple times, from when Bane who calls them "Mother and child" just after Jame rescues Jorin,[4] to Jame's first thought, after hearing how Kalan had to leave her baby daughter behind, is of Jorin.[5]


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