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This wiki describes P. C. Hodgell's Kencyr high fantasy novels featuring Jame and her twin brother, Tori, and a complex world that is described in, currently, nine novels: God Stalk, Dark of the Moon, Seeker's Mask, To Ride a Rathorn, Bound in Blood, Honor's Paradox, The Sea of Time, The Gates of Tagmeth, By Demons Possessed; and a short story collection: Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry.

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Sacred space is the plane of existence of the native religions of Rathillien, such as the Merikit religion. Jame first finds herself there in Seeker's Mask, during the Merikit rituals in which she becomes the Earth Wife's Favorite. In it, distances seem vast yet at the same time are much more attainable than in the physical world. Jame theorizes that sacred space is Rathillien's soulscape; certainly, from there it seems only a small further hop to the Kencyr soulscape.

The Earth Wife's house appears to exist in sacred space and can open doors into the normal plane of existence seemingly as needed.

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Death's-head snippet - - 2021/04/01 22:23

Someone suggested to me that Death's-head should find a mate.  Actually, I'm thought of that.  Here it is:Several days later, Jame went out in search of Death’s-head.  The rathorn colt hadn’t been see...

Thanks! - - 2021/03/22 19:48

Many thanks for the ideas, which have got me thinking again.Yes, Death's-head is lighter and more agile than a fully armored warhorse (I'm assuming it would also take a much larger mount to carry all...

Call for ideas - - 2021/03/21 20:47

I'm up to the point in the next-to-last novel where Jame has to fight Death's-head against a Central Lands warrior.  He has a war-horse clad with full scale armor ( see cataphract). He himself has ma...

Sports - - 2020/10/18 00:00

Here's a question (or several of them) for the sports inclined members of this list.In the new novel, Kencyr mercenaries have been assigned to the rulers of the Central Lands who, in the past, used th...

Checking in again - - 2020/10/05 16:04

This has been a weird week, mostly connected to Trump.  First the news story came out about his tax returns.  Then there was the "debate" with Biden, which gave me a roaring headache.  Then Trump came...

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