[The Three-Faced God] chose three races from different threshold worlds to be his champions and forged them into the Kencyrath. […] The warriors and craftsmen of the Kencyrath were the strong, easy-tempered Kendar. These capable, self-reliant men and women found that their god had altered their basic natures so that they must now either serve a Highborn lord or suffer great emotional distress. This ensured the Kencyrath's continued existence. Of all the ways in which the Three-Faced God manipulated his people, however, it was perhaps the most cruel.
God Stalk, "Appendix III: The Kencyrath"

The Kendar are one of the Three People of the Kencyrath. They form the armies, workers, artists and suchlike roles. Kendar were given the need to serve Highborn, and do not function well without a Lord to follow. Although the Kendar possess a magic of their own it is a subtle thing next to the obvious powers of a Shanir, although their subtle magic can thwart the power of a Shanir.



Kendar are both taller and stockier that the Highborn, and generally stronger.[1] For example, even though Rue is slightly shorter than Jame, she weights a good 30 pounds more.[2]

Full-blooded Kendar are not subject to the senility that sometimes afflicts Highborn.[3]

Poison and drugsEdit

Kendar are more resilient to poison that the native people of Rathillien, but also more suspetiable to it than the Highborn.[4]


Half-Highborn bastardsEdit

Kendar can cross-breed with Highborn, and such children are the source of Kendar Shanir. With other Kendar, Kendar women can control contraception at will. However, given the power politics, Highborn men often take Kendar women as lovers, and with Highborn men, Kendar women cannot control contraception.[5] It's for this reason that half-Highborn half-Kendar bastards are a common, if somewhat embarrassing occurrence. These half breeds still find their uses as solders or priests among their houses and can be easily manipulated by their need for acceptance among their people.

Kendar unionsEdit

Kendar pairs are referred to as mates.[6] Whether or not Kendar couples can be formalized in any way isn't known. Because Kendar women can control contraception at will with other Kendar, prospective Kendar parents may ask their lord to sanction their child's birth before the baby is conceived, to guarantee the baby a place in their house.[6] Though part-Highborn count their paternal Highborn heritage, among pure Kendar, decent is traced though the mother's line.[7][8] But while more distant paternal relatives may not count, Kendar fathers are very much a part of their children's life, such as Hallik and his son Harn. Male Kendar can breast-feed if necessary.[9]


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