"That's all right. I'll enjoy making a fair copy of this." He looked up through the fringe of his white hair with a quirky, almost shy smile. "It's good to be able to help."
Bound in Blood,
"Chapter XIV: Two Chests", IV

Kindrie Soul-Walker is a Kencyr Highborn of the house of Knorth. He is widely believed to be a bastard, although few know he is the Knorth bastard, Tieri's child. Raised at the Priests' College, Kindrie is a powerful Shanir healer.


When Tieri was only a year old, her brother Greshan was killed. In a desperate plea to save his son, their father Gerraint offered Tieri as a consort to Gerridon if Greshan would only be returned to him. A contract was made.

Tieri was the only Knorth lady to survive the Knorth Massacre. To protect her, fearing that the assassins would return to finish the job if they knew she lived, Adiraina hid Tieri in Kinzi's Moon Garden. Tieri lived there alone for the next 12 years.

In 3004(see calculations) Gerridon came to Tieri in the Moon Garden, and Tieri conceived a child, her son Kindrie, who was born the following year in 3005. Tieri died giving birth to him. It was only then that Adiraina finally told the the Council of Matriarchs that Tieri had even survived the Massacre. Her baby, believed be illegitimate and known to be Shanir, was sent to the Priests' College.


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