That which can be destroyed by the truth should be,
Kirien, Seeker's Mask,
"Part VIII: Kithorn"

Kirien is the Jaran Lordan—a precedent for Torisen naming Jame to that role. She is a scrollswoman like most people of her House, her particular field of study is the Fall.

She, Ashe, and perhaps Caldane and Brenwyr know that Jame held the Ivory Knife. At the time, she did not realize what the Knife was and attempted to test its sharpness before Jame and Ashe saved her.[8]


Kirien is a Jaran Highborn, the daughter of a great-grandson of Lord Jaran, and a nice of Lord Randir. After she died giving birth to Kirien, the Randir didn't pay attention to the child.[6]

Like many Jaran, Kirien became a scholar at Mount Alban. As a scrollswoman, her field of study is the Fall.

Her great-great-grandfather made her his lordan, although this wasn't confirmed by the Highlord before he died. After his death, Torisen, after some slight hesitation, agreed. In another house, this would surely have been challenged by others within the house, but the Jaran, being scholars, are uninterested in being administrators; and Kirien "lost a coin fall" to become Lordan. Her Great-Uncle Kedan would be her administrator until Kirien came of age, but had no intention of doing it any longer, "short of violence".[9] Kedan said of Kirien's selection for Jaran's next lord: "Jedrak made his choice and the rest of his house supports it." Torisen confirmed Kirien in High Council, to the protests of most other House Lords.[10]


Kirien is, as all Highborn, who rule or seek to rule a House must be, a Shanir able to bind Kencyr to her.

In other traits, her particular powers appear to be focused on compelling or revealing the truth; at one point while trying to destroy Index's self-deceptions, she says, in the academic version of a berserker fit, "That which can be destroyed by the truth should be."[5] This ability is called using the Voice of Command, a talent which Torisen shares. She can also far-write (far-scribe).[11]


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