[T]he eye was drawn upward toward Kothifir's famous "Painted Towers," half obscured by lines of fluttering, bright flags and, higher up, by no less colorful laundry. […] It made one's head spin to take in their lively variety even lit as they were by filtered sunshine, for wispy clouds cut off many towers some ten stories up. Rents in the cover let through shafts of light and gave filmy glimpses of the heights above, gold, bronze and verdigris copper, laced together by catwalks, bridges, and buttresses.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter I: Kothifir", I

Kothifir, also known as Kothifir the Cruel,[4] is a rich city-state in southern Rathillien. It's just above the Escarpment, separating it from the Wastes, and on the River Amar. It's south of Bashti and north of Urakarn.

Kothifir is the setting for much of The Sea of Time, though it has been mentioned since Dark of the Moon.


The native people of Kothifir tend to be short and squat, with copper skin and black hair. The nobles, on the other hand, are unnaturally pale.[5]

Kothifiran Overcliffers like bright colors, and wear them unabashedly.[5] Undercliffers prefer sturdy, drab clothing of cotton.[6]


Back in the days before the Great Salt Sea dried up, Kothifir had three times as many people as it does today. As it shrank, the outer rings were abandoned, and their stones used to build up the inner rings.[7]

Southern HostEdit

Kothifir is the largest employer of Kencyr mercenaries; these form the Southern Host, which has a permanent encampment at the foot of the cliffs beneath the city. The Southern Host is King Krothen's pet project, and other Kothifirans don't care about it so much.[8][9]


Kothifir is built in rings, circling out from the Rose Tower at the very center.

Kothifir is famous for its towers. The most notable ones include


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