As the little priest emerged from his daze, he began to talk—rapidly, without a pause, as though afraid of silence. Jame quickly learned that he was not the imbecile she had always taken him for. In fact, there was an excellent brain in that round, balding head; but years of bondage to the often ludicrous rituals of his god had taught him that his only possible dignity lay in unthinking obedience.
Jame's narration, God Stalk, Book II: Crown of Nights, "Chapter 10: The Feast of Dead Gods"

Loogan is Gorgo's high priest at his temple in Tai-tastigon.

Jame first sees Gorgo when he's having a far-seer read his future in bones. He asks "Will all be well?" to which the bones say "No." After that, the far-seer goes to Jame, tells his that Loogan is foolish, but not a bad man, and urges her to "Spare him if you can."[4]

In at attempt to experiment on the gods of Tai-tastigon, Jame chooses Gorgo as her test subject, thinking both god and priest to be clownish.[5] Jame succeeds in destroying Gorgo, and Loogan is devastated.[6] Later, Jame regrets this, and helps Loogan resurrect him.[7]


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