The brown stains were Kinzi's blood. She spoke urgently through them to Jame, her great-granddaughter: Give this letter to Adiraina.
Jame's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter IV: In the Moon Garden", II

"Lost Knots" is a story published in the collection Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry. It is in the form of an unfinished letter that Kinzi Keen-eyed was stitching in the knot-stitch code to Adiraina until the moment she was killed by Bashtiri Shadow Assassins in the Knorth massacre.[1]

In it, Kinzi describes her fears for Ganth and the hard, angry thing he has become, and his unwillingness to admit the Shanir traits that cause his berserker rage.

She then recounts that, ten years ago, and just after Gerraint died, she saw Rawneth bring Greshan to Kinzi's Moon Garden and make love to him there under Kinzi's own window, after Greshan's death. Kinzi knew that it was not really Greshan, though, and admits that she didn't warn Rawneth even though she could have—"I was tired and angry, and so I let her damn herself." And after they were done, Kinzi continues, what appeared as Greshan changed, and both Rawneth and Kinzi saw him change. Kinzi couldn't see the face of the changer after that, but she recounts Rawneth's gaping then laughing both hysterically and triumphantly.

She also confirms that Rawneth contracted with the Shadow Guild to assassinate Randiroc, only a month before the old Lord Randir died. Kinzi wonders whether Rawneth's son Kenan is the son of the Randir highborn contracted with Rawneth or the changer in the Moon Garden, and says she has summoned Rawneth and Kenan to Gothregor for Adiraina's Shanir ability to determine bloodlines to answer the question. The reader is left wondering if that was the true reason for the Knorth massacre—to avoid answering the question of Kenan's parentage.

This message would later be found by Jame in the Moon Garden in Bound in Blood,[2] and a fragment is later translated by Trishien.[3]


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