[The rangers] were mostly hoary veterans and boys Arie's age—the old and the young, all with the grim, pinched faces of those sworn to maintain the millennia-old watch of the High Keep Kencyrath down through the white years, though blood should freeze and hearts crack.
Arie's narration, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry,
"Stranger Blood"

The Min-drear of High Keep are a minor house. They reside close to the Barrier and help maintain it.[1]

Min-drear randon cadets at Tentir traditionally train with the Knorth.[2] The Min-drear are likely a cadet branch of the Knorth.[3][4]

They are mentioned primarily in the stories so far in To Ride a Rathorn, largely because Rue, one of Jame's ten-command, is a Min-drear. They are the subject of the short story "Stranger Blood" in Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry.


During the Battle of the White Hills, 500 Min-drear Kendar died, and 5 Highborn[5] — all five of the at-the-time Lord Min-drear's sons.[6]


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