Mint. Pretty, with green eyes and a touch of Highborn refinement in her bones. A flirt who liked to set male and sometimes female Kendar against each other, just for fun.
Jame's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter V: A Length of Rope", I

Mint is a Knorth randon cadet at Tentir. She is one of Jame's ten-command.

Naturally pretty, Mint is known for being flirtatious.[3] While Rue blushes when they find Greshan's bathtub, Mint giggles.[4] This gets her into trouble sometimes.[5]

A more compassionate side to her is shown when she defends Niall from Vant when the latter tells the former to go home if he can't keep his nightmares to himself. She seems to become the spokesperson for the shyer cadets, and tells Niall's story to Jame, as well as comforting him with an arm around his shoulders.[6]

When Dar leads the ten-command in revenge against Amberley's ten-command, Mint almost gets raped, although Damson and Brier defend her Amberley and her ten-command.[7]

In The Gates of Tagmeth, she serves as ten-commander to one of the 10 ten-commands in Jame's hundred-command at Tagmeth.


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