Ounce is an old English word for a wild cat of intermediate size; it is derived from the Latin lynx. In modern times it is just another name for a snow leopard, but historically the term was more loosely defined. In Honor's Paradox, an ounce is defined as a hunting cat the size of a serval.[1]

Pat & African serval

P. C. Hodgell has stated on her Livejournal that she imagines Jorin, Jame's mind-linked blind ounce, to be approximately the size, weight and build of a serval.[2]


Ounces are hunting cats.[1] In Tai-tastigon, ounces are kept in catteries, and the city's rich use them for hunting for sport.[3] Caldane makes reference to using Jorin for breeding in his cattery, implying that Kencyr do the same.[4]


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