He wasn't a monster. He was only weak.
Jame, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter XI: Rain", V

Pereden was Adric, Lord Ardeth's favorite son. He was Commander of the Southern Host after Torisen.


Pereden is Adric's youngest son. During the Battle of the White Hills, all Adric's other sons were killed. Presumably Pereden was too young to figure then. As his sole surviving son, Pereden became Adric's favorite.[5]

Pereden had several sons of his own. He had elder sons by consorts for other houses, and a younger son, Timmon, by his consort and half-sister Distan.[6] Much to Distan's anger, he also had at least one bastard, half-Kendar son, Drie, and perhaps more. He was infamous for bedding Kendar.[7][3]

Pereden served as Torisen's second-in-command when he was Commander of the Southern Host, though Harn did all the real work.[2] When Torisen became Highlord, Pereden became Commander of the Southern Host.[8]

When the Waster Horde started northwards during Dark of the Moon, Pereden led the Host out against them, against orders, in the belief that he could win a great victory; instead, the center column of the Host was destroyed and Pereden captured by the Changers who led the Horde. Pereden was convinced by them that he could defeat Torisen with their help. Instead, Pereden was captured after the Battle of the Cataracts and killed by Torisen in secret so that Adric need never know of his son's treachery.


Pereden was an Ardeth, and a powerful Shanir. He was a charmer, able to get his own way and convince people of things with ease.


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