We randon think of ourselves as a breed apart, an amalgam of all that is best in the Kencyrath. Our ranks transcend politics, or should. Yes, we are loyal to our houses. Fiercely so. But also to each other.
Sheth, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter VII: In the Bear's Den", I

A randon is a Kencyr military officer and a graduate of Tentir, the randon college.[1] Not all such graduates attain the rank of randon which is reserved for those of proven ability and merit. Roughly one Tentir graduate in ten goes on to earn their randon collar.[2]

As well as military service, randon also serve as instructors at Tentir. Those most senior in their house who have held the post of Commandant are members of the Randon Council.[3]

Ran is a prefix used when addressing a randon of either gender, in the style of "Ran [name]."[4]


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