Take care of yourself. This is a cold place. It doesn't love you. Your friends do, when you let them. […] Harn, Burr, Rowan,
Grimly, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter 3: Wine, Women, and Wolvers", IV

Rowan is Torisen's steward at Gothregor, and an old friend of his. She was a fellow captive of the Karnides after the Battle of Urakarn.


Rowan was born a Knorth Kendar.

During Ganth's exile, Rowan became One-Who-Had-Returned, and like many of Those-Who-Returned, she rather distrusts and dislikes the Oath-breakers.[4] Rowan found a place in the Jaran as a yondri during that time.[1] Though she had been a a randon officer as a Knorth, as a Jaran yondri she was reduced to the standing of a common Kendar.[5]

Shortly before Urakarn, Harn assigned her Torisen's small command to investigate the Gnasher, as Krothen had ordered.[5]

With the rest of that command, Rowan served under Torisen at the Battle of Urakarn, in the vanguard.[6] They were captured and tortured. The Karnids burned the name of their god into Rowan's forehead. Ever since then, making facial expressions has been painful for her, and she has trained herself to be expressionless to avoid the pain.[7] Her leg was also permanently damaged in some way.[8] Rowan escaped, with Torisen, Harn, Burr, and Rose Iron-thorn. They fled into the Wastes, into the Great Salt Sea, there Rose died in sink-sand, and then saved them.

When Torisen became a lord, he bound Rowan back to the Knorth. She regained her standing as a randon, and Torisen and made her his steward at Gothregor.


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