She was a Min-drear and would hold true to her bond, if not for her lord's sake then for her mother and her mother's mother before her.
Rue's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter I: An Unfortunate Arrival", II

Rue is a Kendar of House Min-drear, a minor house allied with the Knorth. We encounter her first in Seeker's Mask as one of the Knorth cadets in Brier Iron-thorn's ten-command. She becomes a randon cadet along with Jame in To Ride a Rathorn, Min-drear cadet with the Knorth,[3] and one of Jame's ten-command. She appoints herself to the role of Jame's servant. She and her fellow Knorth cadets are almost always trying to get Jame to dress according to her station as Lordan, instead of her favored basic black; and to move into the traditional Lordan's Quarters.

Physical descriptionEdit

Rue is described as shorter than Jame[4] but heavier by about thirty pounds, an example of the difference between the robust Kendar and the gracile Highborn. Her hair is straw-colored, and messily cut.[5] She cut it and left it at High Keep, to be burnt in place of her body if she died far from home.[6]

Rue is a "border brat", from a border Keep. She is described as behaving "stubbornly" and "pugnaciously".


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