Cruel, cruel city with its gleaming snares and velvety paws, its eyes that shone up steadily at her even now, watching, waiting. And this was the place she thought to call her home? Yes. Its temper suited her. She could make her own way here and never think of the past again. But was that possible?
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 6: Water Flow, Fire Leap"

Tai-tastigon, which has also been called Tai-tastigon the Great,[6] is a free city in northern Rathillien on the eastern foothills of the Ebonbane mountains. It is half in Skyrr and half in Metalondar, and pays tribute to both for the privilege of being part of neither.

A walled city, Tai-tastigon is contained within two circular curtain walls with a dry moat in between. By design and culture, the city itself is a puzzling maze that only the most clever have mastered.[7] One would make an easy task of finding any goods or supplies, endowable services, exciting entertainment, or simply getting themselves lost in the many folds of variety in its 100 districts.

It is the setting for the entire first book, God Stalk.


The city of Tai-tastigon was founded back when the Old Empire ruled the Eastern Lands.[7] The Kencyr temple predates the city,[8] and it's likely Tai-tastigon was built around the temple because the New Pantheon gods clustered around it as power source. Alternatively, it may have been built around the confluence of the Tynnet and the Tone.

The Tone serves the border between Metalondar and Skyrr, and during the Skyrr-Metalondrian War, both sides wanted possession of Tai-tastigon. They decided to make it a charter city in the end, however.[1] Now, Tai-tastigon is relatively autonomous. It is ruled by a governing council, with 1 representative from Skyrr and 1 from Metalondar. Annually, the city must pay their city charter to Skyrr and Metalondar for their autonomy.[2]


Size of the cityEdit

According to the map in God Stalk, Tai-tastigon is approximately four miles across, or 12.5 square miles in area. A city this size could have a population of several million, depending on density.


In order, from inner to outer, the City's defenses consist of the:

Rivers and canalsEdit


The city walls have four gates, one in each cardinal direction.


Tai-tastigon is divided into 100 districts. Seven districts are named in the books, assuming the Lower Town is a district, and each is claimed the territory by one of the master thieves of the Thieves' Guild.


Landmarks and buildingsEdit




Outside the cityEdit


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