[T]hat sad child […] Growing up alone in the Ghost Walks where so many had died, herself the only ghost…
Adiraina's narration, Seeker's Mask, "Part I", V

Tieri was the daughter of Gerraint and Telarien. She was the sole survivor of the Knorth Massacre, sent into hiding in the Ghost Walks of Gothregor by Aerulan at the cost of the latter's life. She was taken care of and hidden by Adiraina, the Ardeth Matriarch. Unknown to others, Gerraint had given Gerridon, Master of Knorth, a contract with Tieri; Gerridon came to her in the Moon Garden, and Tieri bore a son, Kindrie.


Tieri was the youngest of Gerraint Highlord and Telarien's three children, and only daughter. Telarien died when Tieri was born.[2] For this, she should have been blacklisted from breeding, but evidently was not. When Tieri was a year old, her brother Greshan was killed at Tentir. In a desperate attempt to bring him back, Gerraint contracted Tieri to Gerridon.[3] He did not tell anyone then that her mother had died bearing her.

During the Knorth Massacre, her cousin Aerulan saved Tieri from the assassins, dying herself. Afterwards, her brother Ganth in his fury went to the Battle of the White Hills without knowing Tieri was still alive, and after the battle, he went directly into exile without returning to Gothregor.[4] Tieri was the granddaughter of Kinzi, Adiraina's sister-kin, and for her sake, Adiraina hid Tieri in Kinzi's Moon Garden for the next 12 years. She told no one, not even the other matriachs, for fear that if the assassins knew she had lived, the would return. Years later, Adiraina wondered if part of the secrecy had come from her wanting to punish the girl for surviving with Kinzi had died.[5] Adiraina finally told the the Council of Matriarchs that Tieri had even survived that long after Tieri died bearing her son Kindrie, who was believed by most to be illegitimate since no one knew of her contract with Gerridon.[6]


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