Tiggeri's practical jokes never quite bury him, lady, but sometimes he makes his Kendar very nervous.
Brier, Seeker's Mask,
"Part IV: Restormir", II

Tiggeri is Caldane's seventh established son.[1]


Tiggeri is a trickster, and he often makes his brother Grondin the butt of his jokes.[2] Brier says he is, "Smarter than the average Caineron, but not as funny as he thinks he is."[3]


Like most Caineron Highborn, he has a stocky build inclined to put on fat. He is fairly comely.[4]


Tiggeri is the son of Caldane and some Highborn lady. He grew up at Restormir with his slew of half-siblings. From childhood, he had his eye on his bastard half-sister Must, though their half-brother Gorbel would intercede and protect her.[5][6]

Tiggeri has had at least one consort, by whom he had a his son Tigger.[7]

In the summer of 3026,(see calculations) Tiggeri was made an established son.

On Summer's Eve, 3029(see calculations) word reached Restormir that Gorbel had passed Kothifir and would become a third year cadet. Tiggeri was displeased, and this achievement gave more credibility to Gorbel's title of lordan. In that mood, he raped Must. She was serving in the Crown at this time.[8]


He is an established son, and thus a Shanir able to bind Kencyr to him.


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