I came [to Tentir] because I enjoy sports and, frankly, to please my mother, who has ambitions for me. […] [I want to] enjoy myself, mainly. […] But lordship sounds too much like hard work. Let cousin Dari have it if he wants it.
Timmon, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter IX: School Days", II

Timmon is the Ardeth Lordan. He is a randon cadet at the same time as Jame and is the master ten of his House at Tentir.


Timmon is a Ardeth Highborn, the son of Pereden and Distan, the grandson of Adric on both sides. He is not Pereden's eldest son, but the fact that his parents were half-siblings counts for a lot in the Ardeth.[3]

As a child, Timmon's half-brother Drie was his whipping boy: Whenever Timmon did anything wrong, Pereden would whip Drie for it. It made Timmon uncomfortable enough that he'd behave, at least for a while.[4]

After his father Pereden's death, his grandfather put his hopes in Timmon, making him his lordan. Adric and Distan both want Timmon be the next Lord Ardeth. They sent him to train at Tentir.[5]

After his year at Tentir, Timmon is sent to Kothifir for his second year in The Sea of Time, like Jame.


Timmon is, as all lordan must be, a Shanir able to bind Kencyr to him. He is also, like his father and brother, a charmer,[1] able to convince people on things beyond normal bounds.[6]


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