The wind remained, now tumbling about the onlookers, snatching off this man’s hat, flinging up that woman’s skirt. Laughter followed its antics, […] A figure appeared, whirling like a dervish in a storm of black feathers, long white beard wrapped around him, feet not quite touching the ground.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter III: Summer Solstice", II

The Tishooo, also known as the Old Man, is the Falling Man manifested as wind,[1] specifically, the wind from Nekrien. This means that in the Southern Wastes, he's the east wind, while in the Riverland, he's the south wind.[2][3][4] He is also related to the Witch King of Nekrien.

In Kothifir he is much-loved, as he protects them from the Shuu and Ahack winds from across the Barrier, as well as protecting them from being buried in sand.[4]

In the Riverland, the Tishooo is not very well-liked, thanks to his prankish nature. The Kencyr priests generally prevent the Tishooo from blowing in the Riverland, and he only comes when the priests aren't paying attention.[5]


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