The Kendar had a phrase: to ride a rathorn. It meant to take on a task too dangerous to let go. Also, since the rathorn was a beast associated with madness, it implied that to ride one was to go insane.
 Like father, like son, like daughter?
 "Oh, Tori," she said, looking up at the Knorth banner with its double horned, rampant emblem. "We are truly riding the rathorn now."

Jame's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter V: A Length of Rope", I

To Ride a Rathorn is the fourth book in P. C. Hodgell's Kencyr series.

It deals with the summer that begins Jame's year at Tentir.


  • Maps
  • Chapter I: An Unfortunate Arrival (1st of Summer)
  • Chapter II: Wyrm Hunt (Summer 1)
  • Chapter 3: Wine, Women, and Wolvers (2-3rd of Summer)
  • Chapter IV: Testing (Summer 1-2)
  • Chapter V: A Length of Rope (Summer 4)
  • Chapter VI: The Lordan's Coat (Summer 4-5)
  • Chapter VII: In the Bear's Den (Summer 5)
  • Chapter VIII: A Forgotten Name (Summer 5)
  • Chapter IX: School Days (Summer 6-32)
  • Chapter X: Battles Old and New (Summer 41-2)
  • Chapter XI: The White Lady (Summer 42)
  • Chapter XII: Unsheathed (Summer 43-44)
  • Chapter XIII: Blood and Ivory (Summer 45)
  • Chapter XIV: To Ride a Rathorn (Summer 45 - 53)
  • Chapter XV: Back to the Soulscape (Summer 53)
  • Chapter XVI: Midsummer's Eve (Summer 53 - 60)
  • Chapter XVII: Into the Wilds (Summer 60-65)
  • Chapter XVIII: Solstice (Summer 66)
  • Chapter XIX: Darkness at Noon (Summer 66)
  • Chapter XX: The Bear Pit (Summer 68 - 90)
  • Chapter XXI: Loyalty or Honor (Summer 90 - 110)
  • Chapter XXII: Casting the Stones (Summer 110)
  • Chapter XXIII: Touchstone (Summer 111)
  • Glossary



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