Even at the height of its power, Bashti had never succeeded in imposing its rule here, except around the edges. The wood had swallowed armies whole in its time. Huntsmen sometimes did better, but only one in a generation penetrated to the black oaks of the forest's heart and returned alive to report that they were still there. […] The shattered remains of an old road led through [Grimly Holt]. Even when the road was new, though, it had never been well traveled, for the Holt had its own denizens, and they objected to traffic.
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 12: Night Pieces"

The Weald is a forested area in central Rathillien that is a wild, untamed place where the natural powers of Rathillien exist very strongly and repel invaders. Among the creatures that live in the Weald are the Wolvers. Wolvers moderately friendly to outsiders live in the Grimly Holt at the edge of the Weald, near the River Road, but those that live in the Deep Weald are very hostile and wild. King Kruin of Kothifir attempted to hunt Wolver in the deep Weald, but his large hunting party was almost completely wiped out there.