Grimly's people live according to their own system of ethics, and on the whole are less prone to violence than the average human. But the farther into the Weald you go, the wilder things get. The wolvers of the deep-wood Holts are as bad as you can imagine, if not a good deal worse.
Torisen, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 12: Night Pieces"

A wolver is a sentient creature somewhat like a werewolf except that their natural state is the wolf, and they develop the ability to change into human form in later childhood. They mature more slowly than true wolves, but faster than people.[1] They sometimes cast the shadow of a wolf, depending on the phase of the moon.[2]

Wolvers live in the Weald, and almost never leave it.[3] There are two large bands of wolvers, one who lives around Grimly Holt on the edge of the Weald, and another that lives in the Deep Weald. They sometimes call them their "cousins," but they are very different, perhaps not even truly the same species.[4][1][5]

They rarely ride horses, and horses don't like them.[6]

Grimly Holt wolversEdit

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Deep Weald wolversEdit

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